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1X 53727RPEJ Rope Ear Mic for Motorola Talkabout FRS T6200 Radio
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10X LCKOMBOPG RFID Access Control LAN RS485 +26Bit Card Reader Combo 1G

10X LCKOMBOPG RFID Access Control LAN RS485 +26Bit Card Reader Combo 1G
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Name: 10X LCKOMBOPG RFID Access Control LAN RS485 +26Bit Card Reader Combo 1G
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Picture 1:  What you see above is what you get. 

Package comes with

  1. RFID Access Controller with RS485 networking function

  2. RFID Card Reader .  Click this icon to view the manual.

  3. Cables

  4. One RFID Card (click icon to buy more)



Offered here is a TEN (10) new good quality RFID Access Controller & RFID Card that permits door access via password or RFID card or both.  This console can work either as standalone or by connecting to a computer PC (Windows). You don't have to attach it to a computer in order to use it, set it up or program it.  It can store 25,000 records when standalone, and the record will not disappear even when the unit is not powered for 10 years or more!     It can support access control.  You can set the door to open at different time and by certain number of people.  It will raise an alarm when someone tries to destroy it or wrongly close/open the door that violates the pre-programmed instructions in the console.  It supports RS485 and RS232 (via RS485/RS232 converter) communication interface to connect to a computer PC.  The maximum number of this console that can connect to a computer terminal is 254 units.  When connected to a computer terminal, the computer terminal with privileged password can remotely change the setting in any of the access controllers that is connected to it.  It shares many similar functions as our fingerprint module (click on this icon: to learn more) except that it does not have fingerprint function and has RFID card function instead.

With your computer, you can manage user ids/RFID into major groups, each groups having different settings as to the time/date access privileges.   After setting up, you don't need to connect the console to your computer to run it, since it can run independently of the computer.


The beauty of this console is that it can be connected to two pieces of waterproof external RFID mini card reader (included) at the same time via the Wiegand 26 port found at the back of the console.  If you only connect one external card reader, you can put the external card reader on the outside of your door, and put this "RFPSRFY88CD" console on the inside of your door.  If you attach two external waterproof RFID mini card reader, then the RFID function on the console will be turned off since the two external card reader will take over the RFID card reader job. 


1) All-purpose and wide application.  The product is integrated with PWD keyboard, single door controller, time recorder and double door controller.


2) Advanced technology, stable and reliable.  All input and output pots can prevent shock from static and power. It has strong anti-interference ability and has power failure resisting design. The PCB board has moisture proof and corrosion protection and can adapt to different rough weather.

3) Dynamic definition, flexible application. One build-in card reader (EM or Mifare), two sets of W26 interface, two sets of sensor input, two sets of button input, two sets of relay output, one set of bell port and one set of RS485 communication interface.
Re-define the IO interface. For example, W26 port will be defined as W26 standard output or input, the relay can be defined as door controller, bell or alarm output, the sensor can be defined as fire alarm signal.


Please note that the two set of relay input and output means that you can control two separate electric strikes/deadbolts/doors separately from one single controller.  However, we do not advice buyer to do that because it may cause instability to the controller.  This is especially true if the two separate electric strikes/deadbolts/doors are more than 30 meter apart.  So if you must make full use of both relays, make sure the two separate electric strikes/deadbolts/doors  are not too far apart.

4) Support hardware upload data on-line

5) Includes door close/open status monitoring function, so that you can monitor online whether your door is open or close.  Will work with this electric strike that comes with monitoring function:



If you prefer one without networking function, then click on this icon:

If you prefer a wireless fingerprint access controller, then click on this icon and



Options to open door includes:
1. Password Only

2. RID Card  Only (RFID token (or ) you can register and deregister various RFID Card/passwords ( i.e. if you need to deactivate someone's access)

3. Password & RFID Card /token (click icons to purchase)



Working voltage: AC/DC 8~25V
Power consumption: <1W
Data saving: >10 years (after power failure)
Total user entry records: 25000 pieces (adjustable)
User capacity: 2500 user id

LCD resolution: 122?32 DOTS
Build-in word base: 16?16 national class two character base.
Communication mode: One RS485  You need this optional RS485 to RS232 converter ( click on this icon if you want to buy) to link up a maximum of 255 pieces of  RFID controller to one single PC.  
Relay output: Two
State input: Four
Card reading type: EM compatible or MIFARE
Induction distance: 4 to 15cm
Networking capacity: 254 sets
Working temperature: -20celcius to +70 celcius
Storage temperature: -25celcius to +85celcius

Working humidity: 20%-90%
Wiegand 26 port: Two. 

Dimension: 119mm*87mm*15mm


Also included in the package is a TEN (10) new good quality RFID Access Controller. 

This unit has the following advantages:

1. High performance.

2. Anti-interference capability / High stability

3. FTP support 26 bit Wiegand, permits maximum distance of 50m from card reader to this console  (included)

4. Read RFID card (sold separately)

This unit must be connected to a console before it can function. 


Operating frequency:  125KHz

Adjustment Mode: ASK

Card: EM & RFID

Distance: 65mm

Respond Time: <0.1sec

Output format: 26bit Wiegand

Operating Voltage: DC5 to 16V

Current Draw: 20-50mA

Storage temperature: -25celcius to +85celcius

Working temperature: -20celcius to +70 celcius

Working humidity: 20%-90%

Dimension: 76mm*45mm*15mm


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