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1X FGACK Fingerprint Biometric Door Access Attendance Control FG

1X FGACK Fingerprint Biometric Door Access Attendance Control FG
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Name: 1X FGACK Fingerprint Biometric Door Access Attendance Control FG
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Picture 1:? What you see above is what you get, no more no less.? You get ONE?set (1)

Package comes with

  1. Model FG Fingerprint Biometric Access Control module

  2. Hexagonal screw driver

  3. 3pcs? Hexagonal screws,

  4. 3pcs Mounting screw set

  5. CD containing software to program the module and manual.? Software includes those for Access Control and Time Clock / Attendance Management.

  6. Manual included in CD format.? Also include manual booklet in printed format.


LCD below comes with a protective film.

Picture 2:



Picture 3: Server Connection Options.? Please note that connection to a computer is not compulsory. This console can work either as standalone or by connecting to a computer PC (Windows).? You don't need a computer to program this console, although using a computer allows you to fully utilize the console's various functions.

Picture 4:

Picture 5: Screenshot of Attendance Managerment Program

Picture 6: Screenshot of "Search Current Employee's On-duty Status"

Picture 7: Screenshot of Real Time Employee On Duty Status

Picture 8: Screenshot of Employee's shift management




Offered here is a new good quality biometric console used for access control and employee attendance management. This console can work either as standalone or by connecting to a computer PC (Windows). You don't have to attach it to a computer in order to use it, set it up or program it.? It can store 30,000 records when standalone.? It can support access control.? You can set the door to open at different time and by certain number of people.? It will raise an alarm when someone tries to destroy it or wrongly close/open the door that violates the pre-programmed instructions in the console.? It supports TCP/IP or RS485/RS232 communication interface to connect to a computer PC.? Will also connect to your router / switches / etc, so that any computer with privileged password can remotely change the setting in the console.



FG is suitable for controlling access to entrances and exits of office, factory, hotel, school and etc.? You can connect the console to electric / magnetic locks such as these (electric / magnetic locks are sold separately):

You can also use it to monitor your employee attendance.



All input /output uses anti-jamming protection and over-voltage/circuit protection.? The product goes through strict degradation test before leaving the factory.? The biggest advantage of FG is its ease of installation, comes with multifunction, elegant design and sold at a reasonable price.? The console uses highly reliable industrial component parts and optical sensors.? It is easy to install.? It comes with EM lock, installation is similar to traditional IC/ID Access control.?

You can manage a maximum of 500 fingerprints into 5 major groups, each groups having different settings as to the time/date access privileges.? You can have up to 10 combinations of fingerprints to access a door.? For example, you can set the console such that only when Mr. Brown and Mr. Smith entered their fingerprint successively within a few seconds will the door open for them.

Besides using your fingerprints to gain access to the console, in the even of a broken finger, you can also use password as a backup method for access!? Or you can disable the usage of password access if you are sure your finger will never be broken!

Even if you don't have the user's manual, the LCD screen on the console will also provide instructions on how to use it.

?? User capacity : 500
?? Transaction capacity : 30000
?? Verification mode : 1:1 or 1:N
?? Access / Attendance Control : 50 Time Zone, 5 Grouping, 10 Combination, Holiday Management, support many fingerprints access, support standalone work
?? Electric lock control: Direct relay output 3A/12VDC
?? Communication: TCP/IP or RS232 and RS485
?? Keyboard and Display: LCD with 80 character and figure keypad.? LCD comes with blue back-light.
?? Power: 9-24 VDC, idle current: 50mA, work current: 400 mA
?? Identification speed: ??=2 seconds
?? FRR: ??=1%
?? FAR: ??=0.0001%
?? Collection station
?? Temperature operating: 0??C - 45??C
?? Humidity operating: 20%-80%
?? Language: simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English
?? Size: 180(L)*82(W)*55(H)mm
?? Management software included?? Transaction fingerprint management and Access control attendance options and network management


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Picture 1.  Everything that you see in picture one is what you get, no more no less.


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